2. Aug, 2019

Enemies of innovation ...

Picture by https://www.howgoogleworks.net/ 

More details about the topic are available from The 15 Enemies of Innovation  http://www.game-changer.net/2018/01/04/the-15-enemies-of-innovation/#.XUSMyB9fjVM

The initial idea for the enemies came from Vala Afshar, the Chief Digital Evangelist at Salesforce,  https://www.linkedin.com/in/vala-afshar-3030021/. I like the title Evangelist a lot, kind of a preacher and missionary, makes much sense in combination with Digital Transformation 😉.

Two quotes from Vala Afshar:

"8 habits of lucky people: work hard, complain less, teach others, share credit, be on time, be kind, be teachable, and show gratitude."

"You are not a team because you work together. You are a team because you trust, respect and care for each other."

Sounds like common sense, but that is not the preferred way people are applying past knowledge and experience. Why not more often?

Have a relaxing weekend ...