11. Aug, 2019

My week 32-2019 highlights ...

Picture by https://pixabay.com/illustrations/pareto-pareto-principle-80-20-rule-693309/ 

As the week number nomenclature I used so far did end last week, I am using now the official week number from the calendar plus the year, will last forever. Week 32 in 2019 ends today --> so we have 32-2019.

I assume you know the situation, when the Pareto principle - 20% effort brings 80% of the result - and Murphy's LawIf anything can go wrong, it will - come together?

Have seen it this weekend, when I wanted to exchange the HDD disc in my wife's laptop with a new SSD disc. Seems to be an easy task, when you follow the several Youtube videos and the disc manufacturer documentation 🤪. Clone the disc, then exchange the old disc to the new one in the laptop and restart - done. Easy on Windows with an available clone software, not so straight forward on Linux, as the software is not available for this platform .

Some research in the Internet and I found the perfect command to clone the disc on Linux. It really did, what it should be doing and the new disc was cloned ~3 hours later, after some backups before and the time to clone everything one by one. After exchanging the disc and a restart, the result was even better than 80%, I would say 95%. 

Then the Perfectionism kicked in to come to an even better result, but this caused another day of effort --> 80% effort for the last 20% result normally, here for the remaining 5%. All the documentation did warn, just in case you have to move or copy files between the two discs, properly check the names, direction and mount points. Here Murphy did kick in, I copied some files in the wrong way and both discs did not boot anymore. Today I had to make a clean install of the new disc and all was fine after lunch time.

Sometimes a clean start is much better than putting new stuff on top of old stuff. Getting rid of the burdens of the past, works very well, not only for operating systems on laptops 😉.

“The chance of the bread falling with the buttered side down is directly proportional to the cost of the carpet.” ― Murphy's Law