17. Aug, 2019

The 16 Personality Types ...

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First you need to better understand yourself, before you can understand other people in business and private life. There is an endless number of tests available, I did select The 16 Personality Types by Myers-Briggs and Keirsey for you today.

You can either check much more details on the ADIOMA blog page, there you will also find the picture  https://blog.adioma.com/16-personality-types/ or use 16 Personalities as alternative source  https://www.16personalities.com/personality-types. Just my recommendation 😉.

This week I had the 2nd highest number of weekly readers since I started my BLOG, 3,168 unbelievable. Thanks a lot for being faithful to me, very much appreciated. This means that we will possibly pass the next milestone of #166,666 overall readers next week. If you are interested to win a price, just be part of the competition as described in the headline with the orange background. Take a screenshot of the counter right at the milestone or as close as possible after passing it. Really easy ...

Some weekend fun below, Dilbert is always to the point: