21. Aug, 2019

The next milestone passed ...

After passing #144,444 on 25-Jun-19 and #155,555 on 26-Jul-19, we did pass the next milestone of #166,666 today. Thanks a lot for that 🙂. Yesterday 350 readers were still missing and today the winner did take a snapshot 58 readers above the milestone, as you can see on the left. As the winner lives close by, we will have a nice lunch or dinner together.

Below a summary of purpose and culture related material: 

You need to set near-term milestones. Put the assumptions down on paper, and make it to your vision or ultimate product. Your team has to understand where they're going. Your partners need to understand where they're going. -- Tony Fadell, American - Inventor Born: March 22, 1969, https://www.achievement.org/achiever/tony-fadell/