30. Aug, 2019

The VUCA event tomorrow ...

VUCA picture taken from  http://qaspire.com/2016/01/06/leadership-skills-for-the-future/ 

VUCA stands for Volatility | Uncertainty | Complexity | Ambiguity and was an acronym used by the American Military as reaction to the collapse of the USSR in the early 1990s. 

A collection of useful related material and insights:

More details after the event tomorrow, looking forward to the program.

Uncertainty of any sort results in volatility, and Brexit will be no exception. -- Raghuram Rajan, Indian - Economist Born: February 3, 1963

Exploring the unknown requires tolerating uncertainty. -- Brian Greene, American - Physicist Born: February 9, 1963

Stop trying to change reality by attempting to eliminate complexity. -- David Whyte, English - Poet Born: 1955

The awareness of the ambiguity of one's highest achievements (as well as one's deepest failures) is a definite symptom of maturity. -- Paul Tillich, German - Theologian August 20, 1886 - October 22, 1965