31. Aug, 2019

Details from the VUCA event today ...

Picture taken from https://blog.iilm.edu/changing-leadership-competencies-vuca-world/ 

Just coming back from the VUCA event, hosted by Werft 4.0 and Fachwerk Langenfeld  https://fachwerk-langenfeld.de/. Really a great audience with a high density of expertise and experience. 4 men (one was a presenter) and 10+ women, due to Fachwerk as host. A lot of Coaches, all self employed, and one person with a face reading education. Interesting situation and feeling, when you learn during the start of a conversation that you are talking to a face reading expert 😉. 2 minutes later you do not care anymore.

After a quick introduction and key note speech, the four VUCA topics had been covered by different presenters. Below my high level summary of the 5 agenda topics:

Ulrich Grannemannhttp://ulrichgrannemann.de/, Key Note

  • In the last 300 years we have seen an explosion of mankind, more a right angle than a curve https://ourworldindata.org/world-population-growth 
  • The technology drivers are storage, compute power and bandwidth
  • Resulting in an increasing amount of available information, the fast access to information and the speed of information change
  • In the past we have been in an "open land" environment, seeing where we are and where we have to go, now we are in a jungle with no clear start and end point
  • VUCA can be a problem, but also a chance

Julia Petershttps://juliapeters.info/leistungen/international-offer/Volatility

  • In the past we had goal setting, 5 year plans, all regular and longterm
  • Now relative goals and all is faster and shortterm
  • We have purpose instead of control and the need for security driven by trust
  • You have to find your personal lighthouses for orientation
    • Inside: What is your purpose and do you trust in yourself?
    • Outside: Networking and self marketing is required, trust in other people
  • Qualitative goal setting is the new target
  • Learn trust and practice it  https://www.jordangrayconsulting.com/how-to-trust-people-again/

Ulrich Grannemann, http://ulrichgrannemann.de/Uncertainty

  • There is cognitive and intuitive intelligence
  • The struggle between elephant and rider  https://getlighthouse.com/blog/the-elephant-and-the-rider-motivate-your-team/ 
  • Unsecurity, but also chances are higher in the digital world
  • Prepare change with early communication and trust, involve people, explain the changes, let people participate in the change activities
  • Play and simulate all possible scenarios, the positive, the average trend, and the negative
  • Have different perspectives, involve more people

Tanja Herrmann-Hurtzig, https://www.herrmann-hurtzig.de/, Complexity

  • The human brain has the most complexity with 500 trillion connections
  • There are no longterm jobs and careers anymore, jobs are getting lost over time
  • New jobs get created - e.g. feel good manager - and many more  https://www.mckinsey.com/featured-insights/employment-and-growth/technology-jobs-and-the-future-of-work
  • Proper forecasting and economic planning is more complex and difficult now
  • Time is over for 5 year plans and please do not forget your customer
  • Develop self awareness and fault tolerance, have interest in other people
  • Appreciate others, say and mean thank you, have trust in people
  • Develop, improve or just repeat the basic communication principles
    • ask the right open questions
    • active listening and communication at eye level
    • ask for and provide feedback / appreciation
    • networking, how are we working together
  • In summary: Customer first, mindset, who am I, interest in other people, mistake culture, values, communication

Barbara Amlerhttps://www.xing.com/profile/Barbara_Amler/cv, Ambiguity

In summary a great event, good people - content - location - facilitation/hosting - weather. A time that was worthwhile ...