19. Sep, 2019

Zukunft Personal 2019 visit in Cologne

Picture of John Strelecky taken during his keynote speech today,  https://www.johnstrelecky.com/ 

As already announced earlier, today was the day of my visit at the Zukunft Personal 2019 in Cologne  https://www.europe.zukunft-personal.com/en/. It is always good to gather some cross-functional knowledge and to go outside your comfort zone. And to see John Strelecky in person was even more motivation, because I like his book The Big Five for Life a lot.

Let's start with some interesting links of companies I have seen today, before I cover the two keynote speeches:

Laura Decker, a girl - a dream, started in 2012 a solo sail around the world at the age of 14

  • A quick summary of her story  https://youtu.be/KtrxinHzje4, well covered
  • During her 366 days alone she had a lot of time to write and think about every experience, what is much better than normal, when you just go on to the next activity
  • "The harder it is to realize a dream, the more rewarding it is afterwards"
  • Nature
    • You are really out there in the nature and see, what we are doing to it
    • There is no point in fighting nature as it is much stronger, work together with it
    • Storm is better than calm weather --> learn more, make progress, more happening, better for mentality
    • Get your fear under control, there is no room for mistakes on a sail boat
  • Different cultures
    • A family she met had only a roof, food and water and nothing else. They do not need more
    • "The gift of giving is gone, when you get something back directly"
  • Next plans
    • She started her life after the world travel was finished
    • Laura initiated the World Sailing Foundation, to get kids on a boat and let them learn life lessons during long distance sailing, stuff they do not learn in schools
    • She is currently looking for sponsors
    • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCF7ss84y539u4mF_0rZPblQ

John Strelecky, If nothing changes, NOTHING CHANGES

  • Big Five for Life (BFFL)
    • Check my take on it after reading the book in June 2018  https://www.rethinkandfocus.com/429718297/6146456/posting/the-big-five-for-life-my-1st-take
    • What is on your list?
    • It is easier to help others, than to ask for help. Helping makes us feel good. We are selfish, when we are not asking for help!!
    • Find the people WHO did already do, what you want to do for your BFFL?
    • Dedicate one hour per day for your BFFL
    • When you achieved one of your BFFL, take it off the list and add a new one
  • During your next introduction small talk, don't ask what are you doing, ask can you help me with finding my BFFL?
  • Have the courage to live your life and fill your museum (your life summary)
  • Focus on the ONE moment, you will never please 100%. As a good example the following video was shown - https://youtu.be/O_52kTYGD1c (FLASH MOB Oprah vs. Black Eyed Peas I Gotta Feeling Chicago)
  • And another example proofing that your dream can become reality -https://youtu.be/zlfKdbWwruY (Where the Hell is Matt? 2008)
  • Purpose for Existing (PFE), you are here for a reason, find it out!
  • Avoid the HOW disease, find your 3 WHOs - don't ask HOW do I get there, ask WHO can help me to get there?

“Why is it that we spend so much of our time preparing for when we can do what we want, instead of just doing what we want right now?” ― John P. Strelecky