24. Sep, 2019

Prefer clear and straight messages and questions ...

The $79 Billion Plastic Item Exports Industry, Visualized by  https://howmuch.net/articles/plastic-trade-around-the-world 

I had two occasions today around the topic of this post. Really interesting how the content is sometimes coming together, you just have to connect the dots.  

First I was asked for an assessment related to an issue that occured in the last days. In large corporations a political correct answer is the standard and recommended solution, but it is not really helping to come to the point and to avoid any misunderstanding. So I provided my personal opinion as well, to be clear and straight.

Second occasion was during a discussion when we did review some questions that had been raised before. One of the participants wanted to ask an additional question for a better understanding, but was not clear and straight enough in the way asking during the first attempt. Being more direct and less political correct did bring success.

So help others to help you and be clear and straight 😉. Three good examples below:

Yes I agree it is much easier, when you are a great athlete, a famous personality or Youtuber with 500k+ follower, but it is no excuse for you and me to not do it ...

An object in motion tends to remain in motion along a straight line unless acted upon by an outside force. -- Isaac Newton, English - Mathematician December 25, 1642 - March 20, 1727