27. Sep, 2019

About marketing ...

Picture by https://pixabay.com/illustrations/content-is-king-online-marketing-1132259/ 

I was just thinking about a topic for my BLOG today, what was not that easy after my teeth operation yesterday, when a marketing email from Lufthansa (the German airline) arrived in my inbox. Thank you very much for this offer, a one-way flight from Frankfurt to Palma de Mallorca between 14-Oct and 15-Dec-19 for just 35€, to be decided until 29-Sep-19.

I pressed the booking button, just to see the details, and did end up on a landing page. Describing the offer and a preselected template with a flight departure tomorrow for a two-way flight for 8 days. Prices between 235 and 412€. What a surprise 🙂, but my mistake. As my old German teacher always said: "Those who can read have a clear advantage". I adjusted the departure date, selected one-way flight and found the 35€ flight. Only hand luggage, no option to change or cancel the flight. But the most expensive flight in the same category was 258€. Going even further into details would have been more fun, but I think this is a more serious topic:

  • Besides the pure marketing campaign that might be misleading you and your expectation on purpose?
  • There are issues like - how does a 35€ flight fit to the ongoing discussion about our environmental footprint?
  • Interesting that these offers come up right after Thomas Cook had to declare bankruptcy this week, and one of their biggest markets was Mallorca.
  • Who would be booking a one-way flight to Mallorca in the October to December timeframe? With only hand luggage.
  • If you have to adjust the 35€ flight to your real needs, the final bill will be higher.
  • etc.

“Content is King but engagement is Queen, and the lady rules the house!” - Mari Smith https://www.marismith.com/ 

Have a great weekend.