6. Oct, 2019

My week 40-2019 highlights ...

Zero waste or plastic free picture by  https://pixabay.com/photos/zero-waste-plastic-free-3749854/ 

Just finished the dry run for my school workshop on Wednesday next week. Always good to check all technology together (e.g. wireless presenter, external loudspeaker, notes display in the presentation mode with two screens, mobile hotspot for internet connection, etc.). All was working fine and I just had to make two small changes, now I am ready to go 🙂. Hopefully the kids are ready as well, it is all about CHANGE.

Perfect connection to my summary from last Sunday and the Ghandi quote "You must be the change you wish to see in the world."

During a visit to Ratingen yesterday, a city close by to where I live, I have seen that the opening of a UNVERPACKT-Laden (zero waste, litter less, plastic free, package free) is planned for tomorrow. Some of you, especially my loyal readers, possibly remember my 18-Oct-18 post about one of these shops in Wales, UK   https://www.rethinkandfocus.com/429718297/6670745/posting/all-european-meeting ?

In the mindset of Ghandi above, shopping in these kind of stores could be a beginning to change and take the responsibility back into your own hands? For the International audience some store lists below:

Plastic waste is now found in the most remote areas of the planet. It kills marine life and is doing major harm to communities that depend on fishing and tourism. -- Antonio Guterres,  Portuguese - Politician Born: April 30, 1949,  https://www.un.org/sg/en/content/sg/biography