17. Oct, 2019

Fun, fear and focus ...

Any idea where I have taken this picture?

As already mentioned, I am on holiday for two weeks, to take a break and relax. This means as well that I am writing less posts in my BLOG, as you possibly realized already. But nothing to worry about there will still be enough content to share - and sometimes less is more.

We learned in the last post from the #TEDxKoenigsallee, the right combination of fun, fear and focus will lead to peak performance of our brain. If one or two of the three ingrediants are missing, the performance is less. I can confirm this from my Sauna visit today. The fun factor was pretty high, but there was no fear, as I was applying the Sauna Etiquette from the country I am in the moment, and not enough focus to come to any result. Just sitting around thinking nothing, what is impossible as my wife would say. Anyway no peak performance required during holiday - taking a break here as well.

Never heard about Sauna Etiquette, here we go with some insights:

Besides Sauna, today I started to read the new book from Jurgen Appelo finally - Startup, Scaleup, Screwuphttps://startup-scaleup-screwup.com/, will keep you posted about my findings.