25. Oct, 2019

Sharing Best Advice ...

Picture: One of several lists of books recommended for Entrepreneurs

Besides the list of books an interesting Infographic "20 Successful Entrepreneurs Share Their Best Advicehttps://elearninginfographics.com/successful-entrepreneurs-advice-infographic/ 

Just back from Italy today and two days left of the holiday. Had to do some admin tasks after the dinner prepaired by the kids 😉. They did cook for themselves in the last 10 days and were good in practice in the meantime 👍.

After the update to OTA-11 (https://ubports.com/blog/ubports-blog-1/post/ubuntu-touch-ota-11-release-252) on the mobile phone on Wednesday, I did update my laptop to Ubuntu 19.10 today (https://ubuntu.com/blog/ubuntu-19-10-delivers-kubernetes-at-the-edge-multi-cloud-infrastructure-economics-and-an-integrated-ai-ml-developer-experience). Always good to have the latest, best and greatest. 

With respect to sharing advice I did help three young students as part of the LinkedIn Career advice program today. The students or young professionals can ask specific questions to experienced LinkedIn members, who volunteered for the program, like I did. Always good to keep an open and fresh mind, when you get in contact with young people 😉.

McDonalds. Apple. Starbucks. They were all small businesses, owned by entrepreneurs and people with vision. -- Michael Gerber, American - Writer Born: June 20, 1936,  https://www.michaelegerbercompanies.com/