29. Oct, 2019

Budget - Time- Resource - Triangle

Dalai Lama https://www.dalailama.com/ picture by  https://www.pentoz.com/ 

During a workshop today and the discussion about the necessary planning steps for a strategic project, we have seen the triangle of the headline once again. A lot of people tend to focus and complain about too less or missing budget, time and resources, instead of discussing opportunities and content.

When you have an agreement for the project and the senior management buy-in to really make it happen, then issues around too less or missing budget, time and resources will be solved, don't worry 😉.

Did you know that the Internet has the 50th birthday today?  https://www.fastcompany.com/90423457/50-years-ago-today-the-internet-was-born-in-room-3420, what a dramatic change in a really short time frame?

Accept the fact that we have to treat almost anybody as a volunteer. -- Peter Drucker, American - Businessman November 19, 1909 - November 11, 2005,  https://www.drucker.institute/perspective/about-peter-drucker/