10. Nov, 2019

The week 45-2019 summary ...

Highlight of the week was passing the #200,000 overall reader number on Thursday, thanks again for making this happen. 10 month after 100k we also passed 200k.

As a perfect fit to the 200k number the nice and sweet St. Martin's Day bread on the left that I formed today. The official day is tomorrow 11-Nov-19, same day when the Carnival season 2019/2020 starts at 11.11 AM in the Carnival strongholds like Cologne, Duesseldorf and Mainz for example.

More details about the St. Martin's Day celebration around the world are available from  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/St._Martin%27s_Day#Celebrations_around_the_world, for the special German version see https://germanfoods.org/german-food-facts/martinstag-st-martins-day/. That collecting sweets and treats seems to have a fascination even for older kids was visible yesterday, when my 16 and 19 year old kids where asking for it as well 😉. Singing a St. Martin's song and having a "selfmade" lantern as prerequisite did not hold them back. You can even light up an empty water bottle with the flash light of your mobile phone, what a creativity when you can get some sweets for it 👍.

When I was young we all had candle-lit lanterns, but this tradition was replaced by battery sticks and lamps over time. To avoid any fires in the school or burning lanterns during the procession and it was much easier to handle during rain, as November 11h is not really well known for great weather conditions. But lately the old tradition seems to be coming back and more and more lanterns are candle-lit again, another retro-vintage trend.

I'm the proof - you can't throw away tradition. -- Vivienne Westwood, English - Designer Born: April 8, 1941, https://www.viviennewestwood.com/en/