18. Nov, 2019

Keeping a child spirit ...

Sesame Street picture by https://pixabay.com/photos/universal-studios-singapore-2413365/ 

As appreciation of the 50th season of Sesame Street and as a small reminder that the birth day in your passport and your current spirit and mindset might be different 😉, check this out:

‘Sesame Street’ Is Highlighting a Forgotten Skill: Failing  https://forge.medium.com/sesame-street-is-highlighting-a-forgotten-skill-failing-e70f12b47292 

Two more, to close a quick post today ..

'Sesame Street' was built on the idea that a show that could capture a child's attention could also give the child an education. That idea turned out to be wildly successful. -- Elizabeth Flock, http://www.lizflock.com/about