19. Nov, 2019

The IT Strategy roundtable event today

Picture by https://pixabay.com/illustrations/industry-web-network-artificial-4330186/ 

Most of the time a training class or event like the one today is used to get insights into new content, ideas, strategy, processes, ways of working and/or the state of the market or industry.

Another benefit could be to just get the confirmation that other companies are facing the same issues, are in a similar phase of the transformation journey, are taking similar approaches or as we say in Germany "also boil with water only" 😉. This was the positive summary of one of the participants today and he was really happy about it.

All the sessions I joined today were more or less related to IT Strategy, Innovation and Digital Transformation ("business transformation enabled by technology", as one of the attendees defined it). Below some notes I took during the sessions, in an un-ordered and un-structured way, might have some valuable hints for you:

  • Current dilemas
    • Speed of change versus keeping the old stuff alive and available for a much longer period of time
    • Startup mentality versus implementing the Agile framework in large companies
    • Digital and digital transformation has a different meaning for everybody
  • In the Tools, Processes and People triangle
    • The speed of change and changing to the right direction counts
    • But in the end it is all about people and individuals
    • A mindset change is required to a "digital DNA", providing an ecosystem to learn new tools, technologies (supporting e.g. collaboration and mobilization)
  • From a company centric to a customer centric approach
    • Put yourself in the customer seat, to get a better understanding
    • Let your transformation be driven by customer demands, efficiency and product focus
    • Provide the best customer experience (CX), make your customer happy and their life easier
    • Shorten the customer journey as much as possible, offer automated - self-service processes on demand
    • Stay competitive in the market place, it is all about data
  • Innovate - Engage - Operate
    • Innovate: Run several lighthouse projects with senior management support and a lot of visibility in the company
    • Engage: Offer training to get digital experts/agents, build up internal expertise
    • Operate: Run the old (existing) and new (coming) IT reliable and successful

In summary a good learning experience during the day, but there is still room for improvement with respect to organization and setup of the event.