22. Nov, 2019

The creation of a BLOG post ...

Thanks to https://blog.toggl.com/mars-software-development/ for providing a really funny and easy to understand picture that makes the differences very clear. Worth checking their Blog and Blog Archive for other great cartoons.

In a discussion with a colleague today I mentioned that I am writing a BLOG and he got interested in some details. One of the questions was, how am I coming up with the topics for my posts? 

One of the many sources I am using is LinkedIn, to e.g. check what other people like, what they are talking about or think is worth sharing with a larger community. LinkedIn is keeping your personal archive with posts you liked, so I am collecting valuable content during several days. The picture on the left did come up today and did fit perfectly to the discussion we had in the IT Strategy roundtable meeting on Tuesday, how to create a "peaceful coexistence" between a Waterfall and Agile mindset for example. 

When I had the idea to make use of the picture, selective perception kicked in and I did only see articles that were somehow related to the same topic. Or that could make sense in the same blog post, because there is some content overlap or it would mean a smart extension of the story I try to bring across 😉. The more stories you tell, the broader is the scope of topics that can be related to the initial idea.

Some examples below decide for yourself, what you like most: 

Finally an early heads up for the coming 2 weeks - The 16 days between 25 November, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, and 10 December, Human Rights Day, are known as the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence Campaign