27. Nov, 2019

Kudos to yourself ...

Picture by https://pixabay.com/illustrations/board-positive-well-done-2470559/ 

Most of the IT people out there will know the following statement "Not complained is praised enough". So when there is no explicit recognition from your customers, why not give kudos to each other or to yourself? Management 3.0 has a great solution for a Kudo Box & Kudo Cards 

https://management30.com/practice/kudo-cards/ and some other helpful Practices at  https://management30.com/practice/.

I had a great day today with three successfully finished tasks. Kudos to myself and two nice glasses of red wine with my wife. You can celebrate something in the middle of the week and do not have to wait until the next weekend 😉, try it.

No one benefits from us not taking credit for our successes. There is no virtue in allowing kudos to go unclaimed or elsewhere. -- Tobias Lutke, Canadian - Businessman Born: 1980,  https://techtycoons.com/tobias-lutke/