29. Nov, 2019

Fail fast, Fail often ...

Supportive picture by https://pixabay.com/illustrations/sign-sorry-character-figure-1719892/ 

-- The head of human resources said to me, “We need to become more agile. We’re not lean enough. I want to see our culture shift to ‘fail fast, fail often.’” It was a great moment. For me at least. --

An interesting statement that is driving a lot of Startups, Unicorns and Agile mindset companies forward. But it is not uncontroversial, as you can see in The Foolishness Of Fail Fast, Fail Often for example  https://www.forbes.com/sites/danpontefract/2018/09/15/the-foolishness-of-fail-fast-fail-often/#246f06bf59d9

One of the latest examples, where you could see it, was the presentation of the Tesla Cybertruck  https://www.tesla.com/cybertruck, that had some small issues and humorous inserts, but the Internet did like it a lot 😉,  https://www.cnet.com/news/elon-musks-tesla-cybertruck-revs-up-the-best-memes-and-jokes/. The Tesla share price did go down by 6%, but the company made at least $10 billion in pre-orders 4 days ago  https://mspoweruser.com/tesla-cybertruck-pre-order-numbers/. So it definitely was fast, but possibly not a fail depending from which perspective you see it. Your choice ...

One of the influencers in the Agile world is Jurgen Appelohttps://jurgenappelo.com/, with e.g. the Shiftup program among other things. The latest newsletter below is offering a lot of interesting material and links, check it out:  https://us20.campaign-archive.com/?u=31d178f1603345a888de6a82c&id=dbae5f0f94. You can check the Maturity of Your Business Model for example at https://www.riddle.com/showcase/211245/personality.

“Agile recognizes that people are unique individuals instead of replaceable resources and that their highest value is not in their heads but in their interactions and collaboration. Agile” -- Jurgen Appelo, https://jurgenappelo.com/businesses/