3. Dec, 2019

It is all about trust ...

Picture by https://www.pentoz.com/ 

... as you can see on the picture.

In the meantime the counter has been fixed, the traffic is back to the average level and I can even see it 🙂.

In the project team we did discuss a new version of our milestone plan yesterday and tried to come up with the best possible result. Based on the known constraints in the moment and taking different perspectives and functions in the project into account. Next step is now to sell it to the customers by expecting a minimum of respect and trust in our capabilities. So we are back to trust.

Finally a variety of "sharing is caring" links that could support life-long learning:

To be honest, the fact that people trust you gives you a lot of power over people. Having another person's trust is more powerful than all other management techniques put together. -- Linus Torvalds, Finnish - Businessman Born: December 28, 1969,  https://www.ted.com/talks/linus_torvalds_the_mind_behind_linux