15. Dec, 2019

My week 50-2019 highlights ...

New family member, picture taken today.

After fixing the counter the average number of readers per week is going back to normal 😉.

On the left our new family member that got a new home on the balcony today, as preparation for the Christmas celebrations. Our family council agreed to have a tree with roots as sustainable solution going forward. During the Christmas days the tree will be inside in the living room, for the rest of the year outside in the garden to get bigger over time. So far our standard tree was taller than 2 meters, the new one is much smaller in the moment, with a lot of potential to grow over time 👍. 

The integration, X-Mas and town hall event did go really well last week and we could do some good marketing for our new project. Next week we have the official Christmas party on Wednesday, will also be used to do some more awareness for the new #SPIRIT initiative. My last working day is Thursday before I start a two weeks holiday for the Christmas period. Looking forward to it, good food and some relaxing days off.

Enjoy your final working days and enjoy the time off as I will definitely do it 🙂:

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