19. Dec, 2019

Wearing a white shirt ...

Picture by https://pixabay.com/illustrations/blank-t-shirts-white-1976334/

Yesterday we had our Christmas event and the invitation said that the guests should wear a white shirt. Today we still do not really know why, but I made some assumptions yesterday 😉. The most obvious one is "dreaming of a white christmas", but it could also be our new #SPIRIT initiative that is showing different quotes in red and black letters on a white background? Or it was just a test, how many employees would be following the proposal on the invitation letter?

Anyway I decided to wear a red shirt, a present from my wife, with many different Christmas symbols on it. The reaction was really interesting. A lot of colleagues wearing white shirts did ask me, why I am not coming to the Christmas event --> no white shirt, no participation. When I told them I will be there, the next question was about my shirt color. I had several explanations, depending who was asking and by the moment I decided to make a BLOG post out of it, I did even think about more:

  • I did not read the invitation properly, or did pass the application process without proofing that I can read
  • Out of diversity reasons for other colors than white
  • Being one step ahead of our new #SPIRIT approach - mistakes are okay now, fail fast - fail often
  • A decision to be compliant or creative/different, being part of a minority during the event
  • To wear, what I like and not, what somebody else proposed
  • etc.

In the end I assume that the event had 3,000+ visitors and less than 10% did not wear white. Funny side note - on the menu card was a vegetarian dish, pasta with tomato sauce (red) - perfect when you wear a white shirt 😉.

A great event and perfect way to close the year, very much appreciated. My holiday starts tomorrow and I will go back after the Turn of the Decade 👍.

The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate. -- Oprah Winfrey, American - Entertainer Born: January 29, 1954,  https://www.biography.com/media-figure/oprah-winfrey 

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