21. Dec, 2019

2019, just 10 days to go ...

Picture by http://www.incidentalcomics.com/2019/12/the-end.html

The 2019 end is coming closer and Christmas even faster 🤭. My wife and I have been in Duesseldorf today for the final gifts and we have not been alone on the last Saturday before the holidays.

Interesting how different the people are dealing with this situation. The more you are prepared the easier you can handle the final days. Or just relax and do not let the stress and hectic come close to you.

Last year and this year before Christmas my company and our biggest competitor (Deutsche Telekom) had a funny "battle" with a Christmas Youtube video. Last year the same idea, this year two different approaches.

The one is too long with 5 minutes the other one has a slightly outdated understanding of roles between man and woman from my personal point of view. Anyway a free country with the freedom of speech. What do you think?