22. Dec, 2019

The week 51-2019 summary ...

Thanks to another great picture from https://www.pentoz.com/ 

Only 3,147 readers to go, to reach the next overall reader milestone at #222,222. If everything goes well this should still happen in 2019, as the remaining number of readers should be reached in the next 7 - 8 days. Just in case you are interested to join the competion for the next price, make a screenshot of the counter at #222,222 or as close as possible above this number. Send it to the email mentioned in the headline of the page and you can win a nice present 🙂👍.

With respect to the picture on the left the following thought process.

An unbelievable and not agreeable number, what cannot be accepted and needs to be changed. Sport is always a good example as it has a lot of visibility. Last week we have seen the historic World Cup debut of a women doubles team in the sliding competition. A little bit unfair as weight is an advantage, when you slide downhill and the two girls carry far less weight than their male competitors.  https://www.piquenewsmagazine.com/whistler/corless-nash-enjoy-historic-world-cup-debut/Content?oid=14804777, anyway not the last place and a lot of publicity, every small step counts.

Much better Fallon Sherrock yesterday. You never heard about Fallon before? You are not the only one. Fallon (age 25) is the #2 in the BDO (British Darts Organisation) Women’s World Ranking and made history earlier this week by becoming the first woman to win a match at the PDC (Professional Darts Corporation) World Championship. Yesterday she did beat Mensur Suljovic (#11 in the Men's World Ranking) to make it into the 3rd round of the tournament.

Darts has nothing to do with your weight 😉, it is all about training diligence and mental strength, so no disadvantage for women as we could see yesterday evening.

BUT, some numbers to give you the right perspective. Two wins and reaching the 3rd round of the current tournament means already 25k British Pound. She would need to win two complete women world darts championships to come to the same amount. Even more drastic when she wins her next, the 3rd round game. Then she will make more money than all participants in the women world darts championships together.

Who is driving the Prize money in the end, mainly Broadcasting and TV networks, the Advertising industry and we, the visitors in the event locations or at home at the TV set, Radio or Internet connection. So it is also up to us to make a change. Hopefully Fallon can win some more games at the Championship, to decrease the difference in our perception that should not be there at all, if we would see mixed games more often. Go for it Fallon ...

Enjoy the holidays week: