3. Jan, 2020

Picking up IKIGAI again ...

Thanks to Allbusinesstemplates.com for providing a free template at  https://www.allbusinesstemplates.com/template/SHX8B/ikigai-pdf-template/ 

In 2017 I covered the IKIGAI (Japanese term for 'reason for living') topic several times (see BLOG posts from 02-May-17, 24-Aug-17, 14-Sep-17 and 16-Dec-17).

By chance I have seen an article from Jurgen Appelo about this topic that is worth reading, see  https://shiftup.work/ikigai-learn-how-to-find-your-companys-purpose/.

Besides that not a lot happened, my last holiday weekend is coming up shortly. Keep sustainability and environmental friendly ideas in mind:

“Simplicity is the key to good design of each feature, and after their implementation the usefulness of features is immediately verified by the customer.” ― Jurgen Appelo https://jurgenappelo.com/