5. Jan, 2020

The week 01-2020 highlights ...

Picture by Forbes.com Quote of the day.

Just in case you need some more insights into the IKIGAI topic, I found another interesting article that covers the main information plus some development over time, see Ikigai 2.0: Evolving the Ikigai Diagram for Life Purpose (& Why and How it Needs to be Redesigned) BY KYLE KOWALSKIhttps://www.sloww.co/ikigai-2-0/ 

With respect to the picture, I had a very interesting Bank Appointment together with my wife about potential future investments last Friday. Who is the customer and you better listen to, what your customer is saying and asking, were the main themes from my perspective. Interesting to see, how different the motivation of a bank can be to your own one and how easily you can put someone off her stride by asking obvious questions. In the end we came to an agreement, but then the IT technology did not work and we have to come together again in some weeks from now.

Tomorrow I am going back to work and we start with a review of the Christmas sprint, our colleagues in India did work during the holiday period. Looking forward to the results. If you have still some days off or free time, check this material:

“In japanese culture, there's a belief that only imperfect objects, like a cracked teacup, can truly be beautiful. This is called wabi sabi. Try to let go of the quest for perfection, and instead accept the beauty that lies in all of life's imperfections. The result will be extra energy, less stress and a longer life.” ― Blinkist, https://www.blinkist.com/