7. Jan, 2020

About change ...

Defining our 2020 good intentions and new goals is a kind of CHANGE as well, same as the logic of my LOGO on the left. 

Re: In the LOGO means a new, different or changed approach to do something, what has been done before. The arrow in counterclockwise direction means the same, not the standard way of doing things (sorry for the guys using a digital watch 😉).

In a team meeting today we used Change Management as the main topic, given the fact that a lot of changes are going to happen in the near future. From the three main focus areas -- tools, process and people -- the majority of the concerns was around tools and process. Only a few were thinking about people, either themselves or the team as a whole.

Not a surprise, as different Personality Types handle change in a different way. See:

Just in case you are interested in more details and content about Change Management, you can search in my two eBooks for related BLOG posts, do an Internet search - preferably via ECOSIA - or just start with the following:

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