12. Jan, 2020

My week 02-2020 summary

As we learned during the last week, there is CHANGE everywhere. And it is our personal responsibility to take care of it. Sometimes we manage it better, sometimes we fail, and there is always room for improvement. Growth requires learning and this is up to us, to properly take care of it.

In a lot of cases we do not directly understand, why we should learn the basics in e.g. Mathematics, Physics and many other subjects and our kids are struggling with the same, this is human. Here an example of a practical Physics usage, the "Plate brother"  https://youtu.be/j835agdC5hg

Another example is the use of the Gyroscope in space, to position satellites for example. Easy Physics, but very useful https://youtu.be/xQb-N486mA4. We learned about it during our every week Sunday morning TV show "Die Sendung mit der Maushttps://www.wdrmaus.de/extras/maus_international.php5. Difficult topics explained easily, for kids, their parents and grand parents and everybody who is interested.

The last week was still a little bit relaxing as everybody was coming back from holidays, but now we are back to full speed tomorrow. Have fun and check this out:

It's all too easy to forget that cultural fit is a two-way street. Yes, the candidate needs to gel well with your company's vibe and mission. But, you also need to fit in with her desires, goals, and long-term career vision. It's not a one-sided relationship. -- Kathryn Minshew, American - Businesswoman Born: October 30, 1985,  https://www.kminshew.com/