18. Jan, 2020

Operating Model ...

Picture by Business Technology Forum at  https://www.managebt.org/book/strategy-and-governance/operating-model-and-tools/ 

In the mindset of "Keep it simple stupid - KISS" and to drive for simplification - "Start simple, it always becomes complex over time !!" you should make use of the results of smart people's work. A new Operating Model is always under discussion and on the task list, when you do another  reorganization or merger & acquisition. The standard Enterprise / Large Company approach is to ask expensive consultants for their support, advice and to come up with a great new idea.

Why always asking for new stuff? In most cases a waste of time and a lot of money, causing frustration on the working level as well. Let your own experts do the work, to have acceptance right from the beginning 👍. Or why not reuse a solution, what has proved its worth already? Or rely/trust on the smartness of larger communities, open source for example? Adjusting an existing solution to your needs - copy and transfer - is much easier and cheaper than starting from scratch. Nearly getting emotional here 😉, because I hate consultants selling you a great new operating model, as the best invention since sliced bread, and you could come to a similar result after a 5 minute WWW search. I have seen it, I have been there ...

One of definitely many other good examples is Business Technology Standard, available in the 4th edition since 2019 - https://www.managebt.org/book/introduction/preface/, check it out.

All of us roughly know what memory is. I mean, memory is sort of the storage of the past. It's the storage of our personal experiences. It's a very big deal. -- Daniel Kahneman, Israeli - Psychologist Born: March 5, 1934, https://www.ted.com/speakers/daniel_kahneman