31. Jan, 2020

Future work skills ...

I could not find the source of the picture, but the following reference fits well  http://www.iftf.org/uploads/media/IFTF_FutureWorkSkillsSummary_01.gif 

You can download the Future Work Skills 2020 report from the Institute for the Future as PDF at  http://www.iftf.org/futureworkskills/, have a look.  

In my career advice and coaching activites, a lot of questions and discussion is going around skills. Soft- and Hard-skills. How to further develop strength and/or reduce weakness? The basic work mainly goes down to three simple questions:


  1. Who am I - what is my USP (Unique Selling Point)?
  2. What do I want - industry, company, location, career, ...?
  3. What do I have to learn - improve existing skills, learn new stuff?

In a lifelong learning environment, do not only focus on closing your obvious skills gap, be creative, eager to try new stuff and just make wishes come true 😉👍. Some examples:

And some other stuff, more or less related ...

To finish the Super Bowl LIV special, 1 day to go: