13. Feb, 2020

Digital Demo Day Teaser

Picture taken today ...

Quick summary of the opening speech of Ramon Vullings, who did lead through the agenda, as teaser for a future summary of the event today, coming shortly. https://www.ramonvullings.com/ 

Ramon is a speaker, cross-industry expert & ideaDJ, with a focus on innovation topics. He mentioned Shazam, as a pattern recognition system that is also used in the Automotive industry to check the noise of cars. And WeChat dominating the Chinese mobile phone app market with a closed environment running on top of Android and iOS. As the Chinese population is going away from using cash, due to platforms like WeChat, even beggars have to use QR-codes to collect any money.

His best story was about the U.S. Navy, using the Rip-off & deploy approach, because they do not have enough R&D budget. One example is the usage of Xbox 360 controllers in their new submarines, easy technology that works. So not just copy and paste, but copy-adapt-paste. Similar to my two guiding principles - copy & transfer and steal with pride.

Two final statements and a great video - the Human LCD display:

  1. If your dreams don't scare you, they are not big enough
  2. In a complex world people use simple solutions
  3. https://youtu.be/7Jgkm2pdWgY