14. Feb, 2020

Digital Demo Day 2020

Quick celebration to start with. Today we reached a new 5 week average of weekly readers. The new record is 3,804. An increase of 500 compared to the last record. THANK YOU ðŸ˜‰ðŸ‘ðŸ‘.

Coming back to yesterday. Some interesting startups to begin with (some might be German only):

Then the highlights of the speeches I listened to. It started with Annina Hering from Indeed https://twitter.com/AnninaHering, an Economist making use of Indeed's big data to give some insights about the future of work. An easy research when you can rely on 250 million monthly visitors doing a job search. You can investigate the results at  https://www.hiringlab.org/de/ in several languages for different countries. Interesting material and Annina is a really nice person, I had a chat with her in the queue for having a sweet waffle.

Next was Marcus Stahl from Boxine GmbH. If you have younger children or grand-children, you might know the Toniebox? Marcus is one of the two founders  https://tonies.com/about-us/. Seems to be a very successful concept and product, but I am still not fully getting the idea, might be easier when you are between 2 - 10 years old ðŸ™‚.

Finally Frank Thelen from Freigeist, https://frank.io/en/vita/, kind of the top act of the day. He definitely knows, what he is talking about, even when you do not agree with everything he is sharing, but he is not as approachable as Annina for example. Frank is promoting the 10xDNA, "the next 10 - 20 years will be the most challenging in mankind, but we do not understand exponential growth." More notes and key messages below:

Digital Demo Day 2021 will be on 09-Feb-2021.