11. Mar, 2020

Build a tower, build a team

Pasta provided by https://pixabay.com/photos/noodles-spaghetti-pasta-yellow-1631863/ 

Today we had our bi-weekly one hour break again and we did look into the Spaghetti Tower Marshmallow Challenge with two teams of 4 people each.

"The basic idea is that a team is given a handful of supplies to work with — spaghetti, tape, and string — and given 18 minutes to build the tallest possible tower that can SUPPORT a marshmallow." Much more details and insights at https://tinkerlab.com/spaghetti-tower-marshmallow-challenge/

Key learnings:

  • Fail fast, fail often
  • Run as much as possible iterations
  • Do not waste time with detailed planning, just do it ...
  • Do not forget that the marshmallow has to go on the top in the end
  • Do not underestimate the weight of the marshmallow
  • Do not forget it is a team effort and you should have some fun by doing it 😉

In two weeks we will be looking into the Management 3.0 practices and an overview of the tools provided. I did already prepare a 2 minute introduction mysimpleshow explainer video,  https://www.mysimpleshow.com/, as a starting point for the colleagues. Below some reference material, just in case you are interested:

Each minute you spend convincing others that your idea is remarkable is one minute less actually making it remarkable. -- Jurgen Appelohttps://www.slideshare.net/jurgenappelo/35-best-quotes-from-management-30-workout