15. Mar, 2020

The week 11-2020 highlights ...

Picture provided by https://medium.com/@JobHopAsia/leader-vs-boss-why-start-ups-should-set-a-new-precedent-3ab6871bd80e 

The difference between a Boss and a Leader behavior is not only visible in the work environment, but also in the current Coronavirus crisis. Different countries and politicians are approaching the same scenario in different ways.

For the benefit of the whole community, we need more leaders and less bosses, as the virus does not stop at national borders.

In the 3rd week of the climate lenting - fasting for climate protection and climate justice initiative, the focus area is saving food or reducing food waste. Some helpful links attached, just a quick selection, you might find many more: 

For the next week the plan is to stay in the home office, the technical equipment of the company and the available VPN connections are perfectly supporting this way of working. And given the fact that the public transport system will be limited from Wednesday onwards, due to less customers and more train and bus drivers staying at home to take care of their kids, the way to work will be more difficult anyway.

Just in case you are stuck at home or feel a bit bored, I will proceed to provide interesting content and helpful links. See below:

“Imagine walking out of a grocery store with four bags of groceries, dropping one in the parking lot, and just not bothering to pick it up. That’s essentially what we’re doing.” -- Dana Gunders, https://nextcourse.co/ and https://www.linkedin.com/in/dana-gunders/