18. Mar, 2020

Stay positive ...

Great sketchnote provided by SYLVIA DUCKWORTH at  https://sylviaduckworth.com/ 

All STEPS on the picture will help a lot in the current situation with the Coronavirus. When the German cancellor is on TV at 08.15 PM and it is not New Years Eve, you can be sure it is a serious situation.

It definitely is and we should be strictly following the advice and guidance of the government, but also stay positive and be optimistic. 

I am just reading the latest book from Rolf DobelliSTOP READING THE NEWS  http://www.dobelli.com/en/books/ - "Dobelli’s manifesto about the dangers of the most toxic form of information – news. He shows how it damages our concentration and disrupts our well-being, and how a misplaced sense of duty can misdirect our behaviour" - An interesting topic in the current situation, when you get new information every 5 minutes and the number of fake news is increasing like crazy. There are alwyas people who want to benefit from a crisis situation.

In alignment with Step 7 and 4, there are already a lot of creative ideas, how to handle the current restrictions:

  • Kids record podcasts for their grand parents to stay in contact with them on a very personal level
  • Digital rooms are taking over the role of physical rooms, to proceed doing Hackathons
  • The long time available functionality of personal video conference systems is getting a hype, my daughter just had a group conference with 3 of her friends today
  • And a lot of the large tech companies are offering their services for FREE in the moment, due to the current situation. Make use of it ...
  • Information and free tutoring for families during COVID-19 school closures  https://schoolclosures.org/ 
  • HOW TO LEAD THROUGH TURBULENCE AND UNCERTAINTY WITH CLARITY AND CONFIDENCE  https://leadershipfreak.blog/2020/03/18/how-to-lead-through-turbulence-and-uncertainty-with-clarity-and-confidence/ 

People only change their behavior when they get a personal benefit from it, should be much easier right now. Don't be shy to try new stuff. And in alignment with Step 9, help other people as good as you can, they will appreciate it.

Remember, if you ever need a helping hand, it's at the end of your arm, as you get older, remember you have another hand: The first is to help yourself, the second is to help others. -- Audrey Hepburn, Belgian - Actress May 4, 1929 - January 20, 1993,  https://www.biography.com/actor/audrey-hepburn