28. Mar, 2020

World Happiness Report 2020

Since 20-Mar-20 the World Happiness Report 2020 with data from 2017 - 2019 is available at  https://worldhappiness.report/ed/2020/ 

During our family breakfast this morning we heard a radio feature about The First Viking attack on Paris – 845. We quickly came to the topic that the Nordic countries are always at the top of the World Happiness Report and did ask us why this is the case? 

I did check my BLOG post from 08-Feb-20 - really great when you have all previous posts as eBook, makes searching much easier 🙂 - and found the new report from 2020. Besides a detailed explanation, how the happiness is measured, Chapter 7 is providing the answer to the question we had this morning --> The Nordic Exceptionalism: What Explains Why the Nordic Countries are Constantly Among the Happiest in the World.

Check it out in all details. Here a quick conclusion (page 188 in the PDF): The Nordic countries are characterized by a virtuous cycle in which various key institutional and cultural indicators of good society feed into each other including well-functioning democracy, generous and effective social welfare benefits, low levels of crime and corruption, and satisfied citizens who feel free and trust each other and governmental institutions.

Sounds like a good blue print for companies and their employees. Happiness is always very helpful and can smoothen the bumpy road during a change management process towards a new mindset for example.

Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony. -- Mahatma Gandhi, Indian - Leader October 2, 1869 - January 30, 1948,  https://www.britannica.com/biography/Mahatma-Gandhi 

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