29. Mar, 2020

The week 13-2020 highlights ...

Picture by http://www.asapscience.com/ 

In the 5th week of the climate lenting - fasting for climate protection and climate justice initiative, the focus area is mobility and sustainable travel

Interesting to see, how quickly topics can change. With the Coronavirus lockdown around the world, the majority of the planes on the ground, #StayHome, public transport reduced to a minimum and nobody thinking about the next holidays - mobility and travel is nothing to worry about in the moment.  

CORONAVIRUS IS HAVING A MAJOR IMPACT ON THE ENVIRONMENT, WITH REDUCED CO2, BETTER AIR QUALITY AND ANIMALS ROAMING CITY STREETS,   https://www.newsweek.com/coronavirus-major-impact-environment-co2-air-quality-animals-1493812 

Today I signed up for the Shiftup - Qualified Agility & Innovation Professional qualificationhttps://shiftup.work/qualification/, a good way to use free time at home, to do something new and forward looking, and to get in contact with other people remotely. Will be fun.

This afternoon we had a family video conference, bringing family members between 16 and 84 years virtually together for one hour. The technology we used had some issues to show 6 video and audio streams at the same time, but it definitely was good for some funny moments and to see that everybody was doing fine. For the next time we will try another video conference provider, there are enough free offerings available in the market.

Besides that the 3rd Homeoffice week starts tomorrow and the Germany lockdown will be unchanged until 19-Apr-20 at least. The number of new infections per day have to go down dramatically before any relief is possible.

Finally an offer I did get yesterday as response to one of my BLOG posts mentioning "Tips To Overcome Your Fear Of Public Speaking", thanks to Kevin Abdulrahman and see