2. Apr, 2020

The Eight Dimensions Of Clarity

Picture by Scott Weiner at Serious Scrum,  https://medium.com/serious-scrum/building-an-effective-remote-scrum-team-the-eight-dimensions-of-clarity-a738fc64759b and  https://medium.com/serious-scrum 

In the mindset of "Copy and Transfer" and the current situation, a little bit of Clarity could help us everyday now. Look for it ...


In times of uncertainty, employees crave clarity. As a leader, you won't always have all of the answers - no one expects you to - so you must be open to listening and learning from others. Once you understand a particular challenge and outline the options, you have to be confident in making bold and optimistic decisions. -- Marillyn Hewson https://www.lockheedmartin.com/en-us/who-we-are/leadership-governance/marillyn-hewson.html