5. Apr, 2020

My week 14-2020 summary ...

Great adjustment of a well know picture by Hande Yasargil at Kets de Vries Institute,  https://www.kdvi.com/pages/institute, take some time to check it out. 

Thanks for passing the #275k overall reader number last week, we are on a good track for the next milestone at #300k.

In the 6th week of the climate lenting - fasting for climate protection and climate justice initiative, the focus area is plastic free living. Really a good topic to think about when you are in the homeoffice for a longer period of time already and with or without kids. The current situation might be helpful to come to surprising creative ideas and solutions even faster. Some ideas to learn from below:

For the family video conference we did use Cisco Webex Meetings this time. Was much more stable, only one needs an account with Cisco, it is for FREE, works well in your browser and there is no discussion about security problems or data misuse in the press. Chrome and Firefox even have dedicated extensions available. We did already setup a new meeting for Easter Sunday with colored eggs 👍.

Next week I have only one working day on Monday, the rest of the week I will be on holiday at home, enjoying the sunny and warm weather in the garden. Monday afternoon we will be having the kick off meeting for our new OneTeam initiative, to discuss mindset, best practices and change management topics for the new combined team. The 21/90 rule will be very helpful there 😉.

Making some progress with the Shiftup: Qualified Agility & Innovation Beginner (QAIB) qualification, for more details see https://shiftup.work/qualification/. Below some other material to look at, when you have some spare minutes available next week:

Move out of your comfort zone. You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new. -- Brian Tracy, American - Author Born: January 5, 1944, https://www.briantracy.com/blog/