7. Apr, 2020

What is the right perspective?

Picture provided by Benjamin Talin, see https://talin.digital/about-ben/ 

He posted the picture on LinkedIn today with the following text:

"Putting the current actions taken and the numbers into perspective. Have we seen a shut-down for Hunger, our Environment or Alcohol/Smoking? 2.4 million starve EVERY YEAR and we would have a solution there.

Are actions only to be taken if there is something "unknown" which the media can push? Are the actions taken in any relation to the global consequences? How far can governments go in being populistic vs. realistic?

Just asking for a friend ..."

I think Ben has a point here and there are a lot of other topics that we should start thinking about. Yes COVID-19 is a serious virus and we should not at all underestimate this pandemia. But we should ask ourselves more questions:

  • When I was shopping today the security guy at the front door was disinfecting the shopping trolley handle and my hands. Even during quieter times you could do it more often.
  • A maximum of six crates per brand, family and purchase. When the idea is to keep people at home for most of the time - #StayHome - this rule is counter-productive.
  • The German government is close to enforce the usage of face masks. The standard mask is not really protecting the user against the virus and there needs to be a clear advice how to put it on and off. In general Germany has an official ban on face coverings, so how is this going to work?
  • People who have the virus and die are counted in the COVID-19 statistics, as there are no autopsies done. Do the numbers really represent the reality, a good question?
  • People are hoarding pasta, flour, yeast and toilet paper in the moment - Why? In the meantime people are often buying, what is available in the moment they are in the shop and not, what they really need.
  • Due to the pure focus on COVID-19 in any media in the moment, people are still accepting a drastic limitation of personal rights and a crash of the local and regional economy, but for how much longer? First discussions about an EXIT strategy are just starting, what an interesting wording.
  • Maybe you have many more questions that urgently deserve an answer? Start asking them ...

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