12. Apr, 2020

The week 15-2020 highlights ...

Great picture and advice for the current situation by  https://minions.ch/3-simple-rules-in-life/ 

As the lenting period is over now, just a quick reminder about the topics we had in the last weeks for the climate lenting story:

  1. ecological footprint
  2. energy consumption
  3. reducing food waste
  4. consumption of electronics
  5. mobility and sustainable travel
  6. plastic free living
  7. agree common, going forward changes with your family, friends, colleagues, etc.

Hope you got some useful suggestions and food for thought?

Happy Easter, just in case you celebrate it in your part of the world. We did already finish our family video conference today, to spend some virtual time together with eggs, cake and something to drink. 

With respect to the COVIT-19 status everybody in Germany is waiting for the discussion of the government on Tuesday 14-Apr-20, to get more details about the EXIT strategy out of the current lockdown. I assume it is similar in other parts of Europe? One of the solutions under discussion in the moment is to use the PEPP-PT App (Pan-European Privacy-Preserving Proximity Tracing). "PEPP-PT makes it possible to interrupt new chains of SARS-CoV-2 transmission rapidly and effectively by informing potentially exposed people.https://www.pepp-pt.org/ 

According to Frank Thelenhttps://frank.io/en/ "The organization provides a technology construction kit for "Corona Apps". More than 130 European organisations and companies are involved in PEPP-PT. Just as the corona virus cannot be stopped by national borders, the framework also works across borders. Data economy and transparency are the top priorities. -- It is technically possible to build an app that doesn't attack our privacy and yet gives us the chance to dramatically improve all of our lives in times of global challenge. It is technically and mathematically possible to protect data to such an extent that no central instance can access it." 

Sounds promising and the initiative is supported by a lot of well known companies. Looking forward to a great help for everybody.