14. Apr, 2020

"Andra Tutto Bene" ...

The translation into English from the Italian language is "Everything's gonna be fine".

Children Around the World are Putting Rainbow Drawings in Windows to Spread Joy Amid Isolation  https://people.com/home/childre-rainbow-drawings-windows-coronavirus/ 

As you can see on the picture, people are becoming creative and use larger rainbows to measure and show the necessary physical distancing 😉.

Even Seth Godin is mentioning it in his Toward better blog post today:

"There’s rarely a straight line from here to better. But there’s usually an arc. The slog won’t last forever. And winning streaks aren’t endless either. As we move through time, we’re often presented with opportunities that are carefully disguised as problems. And every day we’re forced to make a choice. The default might be to hold back, but it’s not the only option. The chance to move toward better can become a habit."  https://seths.blog/2020/04/toward-better/