23. Apr, 2020

Are you Left- or Right-Brained?

Picture taken from https://thepremiertutors.org/2012/04/are-you-right-brained-or-left-brained/#.XqHTNHUzb0o, you will find much more details there

Sounds like an easy question and the full picture on the webpage above gives a simple direction, how to find it out. I am a Left-Brained guy, just got the confirmation after taking a short test at https://www.women.com/sarapeterson/quiz-are-you-right-brained-left-brained-or-both. There is another more Movie based one here,  https://www.thequiz.com/are-you-right-brained-or-left-brained/, have fun 😉👍. 

The current Corona approach in Germany shows a lot of Right-Brained directions inb the meantime. Schools are starting to open again today, but the hygienic situation and social distancing possibilities are more than questionable. Next week Monday everybody has to wear a face mask in shops and public transport, but it is not really clear, where to get the masks from and how to use it properly. Since last Monday shops up to 800 square meters are allowed to open again, but in larger shops it would be much easier to control the required distancing. Large events like e.g. the Munich Octoberfest https://www.oktoberfest.de/en get canceled 5 month before opening.

The prime ministers of the 16 federal states in Germany come up with different interpretations of the common agreements, to distinguish themselves for future government positions. The way of counting Corona cases, people who are infected, died and revovered are getting adjusted every now and then. And finally the school kids, who are completely fed up with their current homeschooling situation, are now planning to strike against going back to school, due to the critical health and safety situation in schools.

All good arguments for some positive thinking: