26. Apr, 2020

The week 17-2020 highlights ...

Picture seen in an Oxford Leadership  https://www.oxfordleadership.com/ post on LinkedIn.

A great picture that pays respect to the system relevant hospital staff during the Corona crisis. Daily evening clapping in several countries is one way of showing respect, but we should not forget that there is much more to be taken into account, good education, much more salary and an ongoing appreciation and motivation to find enough people doing this job, not only in the current situation. There was a discussion about an one time payment for nursing staff, but in the meantime it has become quiet therefore, unbelievable 👎.

Starting tomorrow everybody has to wear a face mask during shopping and by using public transport in Germany. As there is not enough medical equipment available or it should be dedicated to system relevant staff only, do-it-yourself (DIY) Face or as we call it Community masks are the latest trend:

Last Friday we had the 2nd Friday Afternoon Drink with Jurgen Appelo from the Agility & Innovation Qualification Program, https://shiftup.work/qualification/. An interesting group of participants from several countries, giving good insights into their jobs and the current Corona situation around the world. I am making good progress and looking forward to new articles, videos, presentations and exercises.

Coming Friday is a bank holiday in Germany - May day - and we have scheduled another family video conference for the afternoon. Just 4 working days this week 😉. Have fun and stay safe.