2. May, 2020

Are you bored?

Bored Rhino provided by https://pixabay.com/photos/rhino-boring-animals-zoo-nature-2204784/ 

With 100% homeoffice for 6+ weeks in the meantime, very reduced face-to-face interaction with colleagues if any interaction is possible/allowed at all, people are realizing slight changes in their work environment. Some are talking about increased productivity others are just bored

"Bored workers are 2 times more likely to leave a company than those who are not bored" according to the 2016 Udemy Workplace Boredom Study  https://research.udemy.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/2016-Udemy-Workplace-Boredom-Study.pdf 

"More women are bored at work than men", what might also be related to the Gender Pay Gap, see some U.S. data at  https://lendedu.com/blog/cities-states-gender-pay-gap/ 

Udemy is offering a lot of other reports that might contain solutions for the boredom problem? Maybe Online Education, Workplace - Happiness, Distraction, Boundaries and Stress, or closing Skills Gaps? https://research.udemy.com/research-reports/ 

I personally can recommend to better understand yourself, just lately I mentioned the IKIGAI test as one example. But you could also look closer into one of the Management 3.0 practices - Moving Motivatorshttps://management30.com/practice/moving-motivators/. A good way to understand your intrinsic motivation and how it changes with influence from the outside. Finally in the mindset of lifelong learning, close a skills gap or learn something new, like I am doing it in the moment https://shiftup.work/qualification/

Anyway you have to realize 1st that you are bored and have to make a change, the 2nd step is easy, as there are endless ideas and opportunities out there to get better over time 😉.  https://management30.com/happiness-at-work/  - HAVE FUN ...

When you pay attention to boredom it gets unbelievably interesting. -- Jon Kabat-Zinn,  American - Educator Born: June 5, 1944,    https://www.mindfulnesscds.com/pages/about-the-author