10. May, 2020

The week 19-2020 highlights ...

Picture taken from ECOSIA financial report March-2020 at  https://blog.ecosia.org/ecosia-financial-reports-tree-planting-receipts/ 

ECOSIA, still a great search engine and browser that I can recommend, and you can do something for the environment as well 👍. The April 2020 financial report will be available shortly.

Looking forward to Wednesday 12-May-20, when the OTA-12 release of Ubuntu Touch powered by UBports will be reaching general availability. A lot of changes are coming and the release is in final testing in the moment. I am already using the latest Release Candidate, pretty stable so far. If you are interested to investigate the Ubuntu Touch world on mobile phones in more details, check the available devices at https://devices.ubuntu-touch.io/. I can only recommend it for technology inspired people, who are open for small challenges, a reduced functionality and no Android or iOS standards 😉. The Pinephone  https://www.pine64.org/pinephone/ and Volla Phone https://volla.online/ are the newest Hardware in the market place offering Ubuntu Touch as operating system. Might be an alternative to think about?

Besides that more Corona lockdown relief coming next week. The only issue is to keep all the different rules and guidelines in your head, as the country, state, county and city directions  drift more and more apart. Makes sense on the one side as you cannot compare a city with several million inhabitants to a country side village with thousand or less people, but on the other side we all have only a limited capacity to remember, what we can and cannot do starting Monday.

Anyway, busy times next week with another Sprint review Monday and new Sprint planning on Tuesday. My project is making good progress, we might just be impacted by priority and resource assignment discussions that are going on in parallel. We will see and react, when required.

“The modern work world requires tremendous flexibility. Anticipate working in different positions and different organizations. Expect startups, disruptive innovation, reorganizations and moving on to new adventures. Grow and change.” ― Jennifer Ritchie Payette