19. May, 2020

Be lazy and take a break ...

Picture taken from Nine Stupid Rules That Make Great People Quit at https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/nine-stupid-rules-make-great-people-quit-dr-travis-bradberry-1e/ 

I love to write my BLOG since July 2016 and you seem to like reading it? Just 478 readers to go for the next big milestone at #300k overall readers. Will be in the next 24 hours I assume 👍🙂.

Tomorrow we will finally do the test run for the #SPIRIT online workshop in our bi-weekly BREAK session. Will be an interesting experience for my colleagues as participants and for me as facilitator. You are never able to plan everything in advance, but you can try.

In the meantime I could match the four guiding principles of Modern Agile  http://modernagile.org/ with our 4 different #SPIRIT areas and the main objectives of our new fiscal year. Really great, very simple and helpful.

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