29. May, 2020

It is all about hope ...

Picture by http://nakedprgirl.com/, quote by  https://www.biography.com/scientist/stephen-hawking 

Relief on Corona lockdown measures in Europe, hopefully the infection numbers are not increasing too much.

NASA, SpaceX to Launch First Astronauts to Space Station from U.S. Since 2011 - scheduled for tomorrow. Hopefully the weather will be more supportive and all goes well.  https://www.nasa.gov/specials/dm2/ 

What does hope look like to you? See how these artists have depicted it  https://ideas.ted.com/what-does-hope-look-like-to-you-see-how-different-artists-depicted-it/ 

Sketchnoting Journal: One Idea Per Day   https://www.verbaltovisual.com/sketchnoting-journal/ 

The Road to Recovery: Which Economies are Reopening?  https://www.visualcapitalist.com/the-road-to-recovery-which-economies-are-reopening-covid-19/ 

Enjoy the long weekend, when you have a bank holiday on Monday (Whit Monday), like we have it here in Germany.