31. May, 2020

My week 22-2020 summary ...

Picture taken from NASA Livestream  https://youtu.be/21X5lGlDOfg at 07.35 AM CEST today.

Another step of the Mission accomplished. Docking Dragon with the ISS and the 2 test pilots joining the ISS crew on board, as you can see on the picture. Well done and great to see technology at work.

After beating the weekly reader record last week, we could beat the 5 weeks average of weekly readers this week. The new record is 3.994 - great work done and one of my personal Missions accomplished 😉.

The coming week is another 4 day working week, as we do have a bank holiday in Germany tomorrow, Whit Monday. Yesterday I did get a present from the Vodafone Germany CEO Hannes Ametsreiterhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/hannes-ametsreiter/. A bar of chocolate and a personal thank you note to all employees and their commitment and attitude during the Corona crisis, lockdown and homeoffice period. Great sign and very much appreciated.