7. Jun, 2020

The week 23-2020 highlights ...

Picture provided by Simon Banks at  https://www.simonbanks.com.au/

I mentioned note taking several times already, on the left side another example and a nice template, how to take some quick notes for your amazing day. Give it a try 😉. Simon offers an A3 and A4 editable template, if you are interested.

Had a great 4 day work week last week and I am looking forward to another one, as Germany has a bank holiday again next Thursday - Corpus Christi. You can get used to this way of working, might be a future working model anyway, just in case the majority of the people will not be going back to the site, when the homeoffice period is over? We will find out in the coming weeks.

Highlight of my week was the Moving Motivators  https://management30.com/practice/moving-motivators/ workshop on Wednesday and the Stakeholder Meeting last Friday. The project and the agile teams earned a lot of respect, trust and appreciation, due to the performance and deliverables so far. Always good to get some positive feedback. 

My Shiftup qualification https://shiftup.work/qualification/ is making good progress, I am already at 62% of the points required to pass the Beginner (QAIB) level. More to come and I am working on the Advancer (QAIA) and Professional (QAIP) levels in parallel.

Just in case you have a bank holiday next week as well or some free time to review interesting material, see this:

"It is time for parents to teach young people early on that in diversity there is beauty and there is strength." -- Maya Angelou, American - Poet April 4, 1928 - May 28, 2014,  https://www.mayaangelou.com/